Unflown Birds

First of all, let me recall the performances of what was probably the best Hansenne racer ever produced in England, namely "8001."  Bred in 1906, he was a blue check cock and was later to be known as Highman's National winner.  In 1906, he flew Portland, Guernsey and won 1st Jersey: in 1907, he flew to Weymouth, Portland, guernsey, St. Malo and won 1st Nantes L25 and L5, R.P. special Reading district south road flying club.  In 1908, Weymouth, Portland, Jersey, Rennes, Mirande, winning 1st section and 1st Open National.  

He was very successful at stock and lived and filled his eggs to ripe old age in the loft of Mr. H.A. Linaker would not sell.  Afterwards he had the good fortune to secure a son and daughter from him.  they were grand pigeons, not in the least affected by the age and previous work of their sire.  Before we leave "8001", let's say that he was mated for one season (just about the time someone tried to buy him) to Sidney Griffith's wonderful hen 459.  this was a mating of the best cock and the best hen of their day.  It was never remember that any great pigeon resulted from the progeny of that mating.  It has always been the contention that unflown birds from a good family were the best producers. 

to take this step further, H.B.1 and H.B.2 were unflown: 7,11, 11A, and 15H were unflown; but they were of an inbred family, that for generation after generation had been winning in the long races of 600 miles and over.