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ClayHaven Farms: Donnie Zehr
ClayHaven Farms: Donnie Zehr

After 45 years racing these families, I am no longer racing, but I do enjoy mating and breeding these birds. I have flown pigeons in two combines over the years both the South and West course. I had the longest loft in both combines, with as short as 57 miles up to 570 miles day birds.

The pigeons in our loft have received numerous awards, winning average speed, champion loft, champion bird, bird of the year, and the GI JOE award. Plus, I have attained the expertise that comes with the years of breeding and racing exceptional pigeons.

I worked with Cornell University pigeon program for years on studying these pigeons. These studs have the homing instinct so many birds don’t have today and we have sold these birds all over the world. Even birds that have never been in a training basket return home from over 300 miles, with no training.

I am proud to offer these birds to the sport. These families have been kept pure for over fifty years and they will breed true to the quality they come from:

  • Our stud of Pure Paul Sions are 100% John Garzoli sions. All stud breeders are bread in John’s loft.
  • Our stud of Hansenne pigeons are Ronald Dennis bloodlines along with Johnny Marshall white Hansenne lines bred together.

We are located in upstate NY less than an hour from the Canadian border but our pigeons now live throughout the world.