Pigeon Egg Hatching

This is the most beautiful part I always love to see. If you have followed until this point, I suggest you not missing this part. You will be amazed!

After 17 to 19 days, the eggs will begin to hatch. By this point, the eggs have already some minor cracks which show the babies inside it is impatiently waiting to come out. However, the time has come to an end and the babies will be out soon.

When the eggs are ready to hatch, the baby cracks the egg by making a hole. Once a crack is there, it becomes easy for baby easier to hatch it so the baby will now move itself slowly and the cracks become larger and the same goes on until the egg hatchs and the baby comes out of the egg completely.

It will take more than an hour, a couple of hours. After it’s done, both the babies will be out. The mother will also help clean the eggshells by cracking and moving them outside but it’s better to do with your hands properly.

While the eggshells are pretty hard and sharp, they may harm the baby so just remove the eggshells as quick as possible after the hatching is finished. After the babies are out, the parents are quite happy and make interesting sounds talking with their babies, and as well as becomes more protective than before.

The mother then feeds crop milk to the babies and keeps them warm under her wings as they need quite heat. Like a humans baby, pigeons baby’s body temperature is quite higher than adults and they require maintaining the temperature to grow and stay alive. If you’re breeding the pigeons outside in the cold, you should probably bring them inside at this point.