Why Pigeon Eggs Are Not Hatching?

Just because a pigeon lays eggs doesn’t mean all the eggs will hatch. In five to seven days of incubation, check the fertility of the eggs. You will come to know if the eggs are fertile and the baby is being made inside the egg. If one or both of the eggs seems fertile, it is likely for those eggs to hatch.

But if the eggs do not hatch after 20 – 25 days of incubation, they will likely not hatch. But it can also happen during incubation. I have seen some pigeon’s eggs not being hatched and dying during baby pigeons during hatching. Once in a while this happens and if this happens with your pigeons, don’t worry, it isn’t because of you and there’s nothing you can do about it.

If you provide a nice nest, nutritious food, and a matching pair, you are unlikely to face this, but if you do encounter this situation after that, its not your fault, and also that’s not the last time they will breed. They will soon lay other eggs and continue to breed and following the steps and providing the necessaries, you will probably have a successful breeding.

But things can go wrong due to the following reasons.

  • Infertile eggs.
  • Not incubating properly by its mother
  • Mother is ill and couldn’t incubate properly
  • Water poured on the eggs.
  • Sick pigeon
  • Not perfect partner
  • Low-quality food for the mother pigeon
  • Babies not powerful enough to hatch the eggshells
  • Abandoning their eggs