Gurnay Futurity Loft

Team –

  Exciting week ahead of us – the settling cage on the new loft comes off…your birds go out…and, with the blessing, your birds go back in!   Going to route them for a couple of weeks, then start basket training.

  I believe there are a few more birds headed my way – the 16 currently in the loft should bump up to 20 Gurnay by the end of the month, and that will probably be all. 

  Each year we do this Futurity, there seems to be a trend in the birds.  My first year, probably 2008, there were plenty of show-pen style Bronze birds, a couple of BB’s.  A few years later, everyone was racing the BB’s and some light checks.  This year – 2023 – I can honestly say, is the most colorful loft of Gurnay that I have ever seen…with the EXCEPTION of BB’s!  We have a red, two silvers, quite a few stunning bronze, dark checks, and I am convinced there is some dilute and some smoke popping up.  I don’t know enough about pigeon genetics to describe it adequately.  What the all have in common though, are good, tight, small to medium small RACING bodies.  

  Couple of photo’s of them in the settling cage attached.

  Until next week.