Gurnay Futurity

Team –

  The 16 YB’s have been moved into the racing loft.  They’ll spend a week or so hanging out in the settling cage on the landing board before I let them out to learn the ropes and range a bit. 


  If you are sending birds, as I will continue to harp: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE put on the box, to CALL ME at 817 586 6509 when they arrive. 


  All of the birds are on Natural-Granen’s supplement schedule for YB’s.  I’ve used it for years and I trust their products.  They’re getting fed Versele-laga feed.  It is more than I give my own birds, but I can only get a single 14% maintenance type here in Texas at the feed store, and I don’t particularly like it for birds working. 


  Heat is rising here – heading into the mid-80’s now.  I will accept birds and replacements up to 7 JUNE 2023.  That’s the first Wednesday of the month. 


  If you send birds – you have to send pedigrees.  This is in the rules, so if you’re delinquent – please put this on your ‘to do’ list.


  The photo is the usual suspects, lining up and looking at me, waiting for dinner last night! 


David Meyers

Longview, Texas

817 586.6509