Words of Encouragement

David: Hope you are well. Here’s some words of encouragement!!!

I am 71 and live in Texas. I don’t have any Gurnay birds but in the 80’s I had one.

Here is the story: 

A friend in Dallas bought a beautiful velvet bronze cock from Tom Smith in NY.

My friend bought it to breed with his birds he was showing because of its “type” and wanted to improve his birds.

I was visiting him one day and commented on how fine this bird he had bought looked. He said I am finished raising from him so take it and breed it with that race winning hen you have and see what you get. Well, I did.

The pair had two babies, both cocks. I was racing in the local club and Dallas combine. There were about 800-1,000 birds back then in the races. I had a small team flying out of a small 4x8 loft in my backyard. I trained the two cocks and started entering them every week. They could not be beat. The guys in the club hated to see those two birds show up. Anyway, the icing on the cake was the 200 mile race. We had an A & B race released an hour apart. My only entries were those two brothers. One in the A and one in the B. Yep, they each took first place in their respective races. 

I wish I could find a Gurnay like that again. I think they could still get the job done if given the chance.


Jim Leggieri