How Often Do Pigeons Lay Eggs?

Laying two eggs a month, a pigeon lays twelve eggs a year but can be more or less than that. But the usual routine is pigeon laying eggs with a break of one month.

But not all the eggs will hatch and come with baby pigeons which means the eggs are either infertile or failed intubation. This could be due to broken pairs, the mother not incubating the eggs, or due to some health issues.

Any of these can result in some eggs not hatch but others will probably hatch. It’s unusual and quite rare and to have all the eggs hatch. Though pigeons can lay eggs and breed all the year, they mostly lay eggs when the weather is warm. In the cold, it’s unlikely to see eggs.

When the pigeon has come up with eggs, it will incubate and hatch it. As soon as the hatching is finished, the mother will prepare for the next round of breeding by laying eggs within two weeks. It might be quite exciting and interesting to see it this soon, it’s thrilling but its better to give pigeons a break and let them relax for a few times. You can simply apart from the female pigeon from the male to make a break from breeding.

Without break, pigeon laying eggs will have a hard time producing unfertile eggs, and the mother pigeon unhealthy. Give pigeons a break every time after they have bred for the best results.