"What You Need to Know"

Much like poultry, homing pigeons require a space that is safe from predators and protected from the elements. An elevated loft with good ventilation is ideal. The birds instinctively fly in groups circling their loft. The hum of their wings moving the air overhead is a peaceful sound. Install a small door, with a landing platform in front, that the birds can use to enter and exit the building, and make sure the door can be locked in order to keep it predator-proof. Next, equip the loft with plenty of nesting boxes as well as roosts and ledges for the pigeons to land on. The birds require fresh water and pigeon feed, a mixture of grains and seeds that can be found at most co-ops and pet stores. In addition to food and water, pigeons also need grit. Crushed oyster shell provides calcium while crushed granite helps their digestion.