Mike Tyson and his Relationship with Pigeons

Mike Tyson’s relationship with pigeons started from an early age. When he was a kid, other children bullied him and he took comfort in the non-judgemental company of pigeons. These birds never judged him and he could happily spend hours playing with them and tending to their needs.

It was over a pigeon that a young Mike Tyson threw his first punch. An older kid who had been bullying Tyson actually killed one of his pet pigeons in front of him, spurring Tyson to stand up for his feathered friend.

From there, Tyson’s boxing career took off. He won Olympic gold and at the age of 20, went on to become the youngest heavyweight champion in the history of boxing. But despite this success, Tyson never forgot his love of pigeons.

Unfortunately, it was not always smooth sailing for Tyson. Due to a series of personal struggles, he fell from boxing glory and even served time in prison. But, Tyson was not knocked out for good. He eventually got his career back on track and, as he has explained in several media appearances, pigeons played a big role in his comeback, keeping him grounded and connected with both nature and reality.

Just as some people find conventional pets like dogs and cats can be therapeutic and reduce anxiety and other mental ailments, Tyson found a deep connection with his pigeons. They have taught Tyson about compassion in a way that no other outlet could.

Nowadays, the former heavyweight champion of the world leads an entirely different, more positive life. He has dedicated himself to helping others, teaching children about his experiences, performing standup comedy, and even making the occasional cameo in a Hollywood movie.

Pigeons remain a crucial part of his life. In fact, Tyson has a coop at his home that houses over 70 pigeons that he and his family tend to every single day. He lovingly cares for each one and claims to know each individual bird with just a quick glance.

Tyson’s dedication to his birds has allowed him to appear at different events, educating others about pigeons and how to care for them.