The second thing we notice in the pigeon eye is the iris, the ring of all possible colours between the pupil and the colourless which continues under the eyelids. The border is formed by a thin black separating circle which we pigeon fanciers have named after Belgian colleague Louis Vermeyen: the Vermeyen-ring. Let us say it how it is: no clearly defined definition can be given as to how an ideal pigeon eye (read: colour c.q. design of the iris) should look. A lot of personal taste, judgement and intuition comes into play. And every pigeon fancier is free in drawing up his own ideas. I have never made any secret of the fact that I am very charmed by a richly coloured eye, foreseen from the necessary design and depth. The latter is also called pigmentation. And the more pigmentation present in the pigeon eye, the better the eye is foreseen of the nicest colours. A small pupil with deep full colours, housed in a head of the type "owl face", where you can see both eyes when you look directly at the beak, are my favourite apparitions in a pigeon loft. Personality has to radiate from the head. A pigeon has to radiate. Radiate, which is a mixture of intelligence, willpower, experience of life and more such things. It takes years of experience to b able to Judge this well. A breeding pigeon has to have that for me. If she’s clearly not sprinkled with the mysterious elements of ‘something’ then I won’t use such a pigeon for breeding. The experience over the years has taught me that stupid pigeons breed stupid pigeons much easier than clever pigeons produce clever pigeons. Or in other words two donkeys have never produced a racehorse. And once you have introduced a stupid pigeon then it costs years and years to remove that stupidity from your pigeon stock. I am always looking for pigeons with descriptive faces. Faces which give me enough information over the oh so important characteristics for breeding further. How can you learn this so that you can check if your personal taste regarding a pigeon eye is right? By gaining experience at every possible opportunity. It is a matter of wanting to see, to make yourself see!