Dardenne Pigeon Fancier

This loft was obviously Dardenne's "holy of Holies."  He picked out about a dozen birds for them which he said were the cream of his Hansenne family.  They were indeed, magnificent specimens.  It was soon made clear that it was Dardenne's father who was contemporary of Hansenne and in a discussion as to the relative merits of the Verviers fanciers of his father's time, he paid Hansenne one of his greatest compliments.  

He said, "Hubert Debiez and his father were kings, Hansenne was the Ace."  This rather contradicts what Mr. G. F. Barker wrote in the Pigeon World of January 3rd, that in Belgium after a fancier died his birds were sold, he was quickly forgotten and the birds merged in the loft of the purchaser, lost their identity.  Here we have a Belgian fancier of such standing as Dardenne who, 23 years after the death of Hansenne, could pay the old master such a great compliment and take pride in showing us their own Hansenne family.