Best Racing Homing Pigeons For Beginners

Racing homing pigeons is a enjoyable and a great source of entertainment. Pigeon racing is actually the sport of releasing pigeons which are trained specially for racing.

And after releasing, the birds will then return to their homes over a carefully measured distance.

The time it takes the bird to cover the specified distance is measured.

And the bird’s rate of travel is calculated and compared with all of the other pigeons which participate in the racing, for determining which bird returned at the highest speed.

Generally homing pigeons are used and are very good for pigeon racing. The Racing Homer is considered as the best pigeon breed for racing homing pigeons.

The pigeons which participate in the competition are especially trained.

They are trained to fly higher for long time, and from long distances. Racing distances can vary from 100 km, to 1,000 km.

Pigeon racing is a very exciting and wonderful sport. The races can be won and lost by seconds. and there are many different types of timing and measuring devices available.

The racing pigeons are generally kept together in a dovecote or loft which is specially designed for them.

They are kept in such loft from their 4-6 weeks of age until the end of the racing career. The loft is the home for the racing pigeons.