owner: band: 66465-2017

This stud of Hansennes have been together and kept pure for over fifty years. These birds have been imported from David McCallion to Johnny Marshall and imported from Ed Clayton to Ronald Dennis. Then blended into the family they are today. Bloodlines from Irish Legacy, Blue Bonnet, Dark Princess, and many more. These birds have great feather and eyes. They carry so much class. One would be very proud to have any one of these birds as we have been over these years. Here at Clay Haven Farms we are the longest Loft in the South and West Combine. Having won Champion Bird, Champion Loft, Average Speed, Bird of the Year, and the GI Joe Award from the AU. The honesty and integrity of this bloodline has carried through many winning lofts through generations.

Additional Information

Color: Black Check White flight Dam: 5335- 05 Sire: 826-2010

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