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 Dyar’s DooDlings Team Gurnay

 - We are looking for a volunteer to host the Gurnay Futurity for the year 2024, maybe in the East coast . Hawks and terrible weather created a serious problem this last year and even though we still have a few of the racers left and we still would like to have the race. If someone can step up it would be great to keep the tradition alive and well. If you are interested, please give me a call at: 530 598 6245 or you can email me at or text me at the number above. I have about 200 Gurnay USA bands available if you need them. They are 75 cents apiece plus shipping. The Gurnay Club dues are the same as last year. $20.00. Back to the birds, I have mated only a couple of pairs in an effort to get some younger birds to replace the older breeders. Some of my breeders are 12 years old and still fertile. So, we will see. I single mate these to be sure of the parentage. I haven't heard from the members so I am assuming things are going along OK. If it isn't please let me know. From what I have seen our Gurnays are right there, all we have to do is test them in good competition. Keep in mind what Gurnay intended to do with his strain of birds. There is another point to consider when dealing with the Gurnays, I am very prejudiced when it comes to the Gurnays "just saying". With that I'll end my ramblings’ and wish everyone a great New Year. Yours in Sport Alan Alan & Carol Dyar 504 Karen Court SE Rainier, WA 98576