The 2023 GURNAY USA CLUB One Loft Futurity

Folks – get ready, because we’re planning on a Futurity this year in the pine woods of east Texas. Tentative route – Weatherford, TX to Hallsville, TX roughly 200 airline miles due west of my loft. I have said before, if we do not get 24 birds entered, I don’t plan to do this. Between hawks, YB’s getting lost, random sickness, going with any smaller a loft of YB’s isn’t worth the time nor investment. Futurity Bonds are $XX.00 each – payable to GURNAY USA CLUB, and in care of Alan Dyar. All birds must be banded with GURNAY USA CLUB bands. I will have a new loft built specifically for this Futurity. I will not have any of my birds in this Futurity or in this loft. I will be using a brand new Bricon X-Treme timer…a system that is completely foreign to me, so I have some self-training to accomplish! All birds brought in will be vaccinated for PMV and Salmonella. Longview, TX is a good size city with plenty of accommodations for those that plan to attend. I will slap down a pretty good meal on race day, I’ll try to out-do Mike Anderson on the smoker! My number is 817 586.6509 ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ADVERTISEMENT: Valid through March of 2023. After that, they’ll be used in my breeding loft. For the price of a box and shipping (which is roughly $85.00 right now), I am willing to ship a pair or two of Gurnay for a fancier needing a start. These will be mostly 2021 birds that have flown here, so unless you want me to have them back…they’ll need to be prisoners at your loft. Good birds off good birds.