Wedding Dove Releases

Colorado dove releaseWhether hand released by the bridal couple, released from a beautifully decorated basket by selected members of the wedding party, or a surprise release just as the celebration kicks into high gear; a live white dove release is certainly one of the most spectacular and memorable aspects of any event. Gorgeous dove releases are the perfect way to create an instant photo opportunity for your guests and are always the highlight of any event.

The white dove has symbolized purity, faithfulness, hope, peace and spirituality. This beautiful bird was developed from the native grey Rock Dove and immediately became revered across the known world as a wedding releasesymbol of godliness and purity. What better way to imbue any special occasion with the awe-inspiring attributes ofthese exquisite doves as they so majestically take to the air in a flutter of flawless white wings than with a live dove release.

Doves naturally make strong familial ties and mate for life. They are highly recognized for their devotion in caring for their young and one another. As a young couple start out their new life together the example shown by a pair of white doves serves to reinforce the magnitude of the vows they take on this special occasion. The release of a pair of doves is not only a lovely visual experience, it also is a beautiful and sentimental symbol of commitment. As the doves spiral gracefully towards the sky all eyes are riveted as they quickly join and together began their journey home.

releasing white dovesA special loved one can also be an integral part of any ceremony when represented by a pure white dove. Whether the bride and groom wish to include a child or perhaps a beloved family member who can not be in attendance, or to remember a loved one that has passed away. The addition of Antelope Valley Dovesa third dove in their wedding release creates a very moving and emotional experience for everyone who witnesses it.

What better way to express the love and support family and friends will provide than with the release of a flock of white doves to join in the festivities. This awesome sight of a multitude of gorgeous white doves taking to the air in a flutter of graceful wings is an experience that will keep for a lifetime.

dove displayThe beauty and inspiring symbolism of these beautiful doves can be included in most any event as long as the basic safety issues for the birds are kept in mind. Many dove release providers also provide beautiful live dove displays, even when the conditions are not suitable for an actual dove release, creating that unique touch of elegance and sentimentality for any venue or decor. Live dove displays are perfect for greeting the guests as they enter the venue, adorning the guest registry table, highlighting the gift table, or even as a spectacular aspect of the actual ceremony decorations its self.