Use Of Herbs To Increase Pigeon Flying Time

For centuries several herbal chemical derivatives or some herb as much, use for the treatment of humans, animals, and birds. Pigeon fanciers of high and low flyer pigeons also use some herbs to increase pigeon flying time.

Herbs that increase pigeon flying Time:

Here we describe some essential herbs used by most of the high and low flyer Pigeon Fanciers to increase Pigeon flying time.

Camphor, called “Kafoor” or “Mushk Kafoor” locally, is the most widely used herbal product in Pakistan and India for increase pigeon flying time. This chemical can extract from the wood of the Kafoor tree. It is also produced artificially by treating Turpentine Oil with Hydrochloric Acid. Must keep Camphor in tightly closed bottles because Being highly volatile. Synthetic Camphor is purified by heating it in water in a metallic saucer.

The residue that floats on the surface is collected and stored in a bottle. Its application consists of placing a small quantity of this substance in a small empty capsule and feeding it to the pigeon 2 hours before releasing it in the morning along with 10 ml of water. Quantity of powder as much as could accommodate it on the tip of a typical wooden match stick. The herb-based drug makes the pigeon go to heights to find cooler media to spend most of its flight time.