Types of Pigeon Lofts

Your pigeon loft is not only your base of operations, but it's the place your birds will call home and return to from training chucks and club races.

Types of pigeon lofts

The term pigeon "loft" actually comes from back in the day when primarily Belgian fanciers would keep pigeons in the lofts of their houses.

That practice has pretty much died out now and these days pigeon lofts are standalone structures that come in different shapes and sizes.

Some lofts are built to fulfill a specific purpose, i.e. breeding, racing or simply somewhere to house pigeons. Others, including most garden lofts, are hybrids that are built for both racing and breeding, as well as to meet the specific needs of the fancier and the system(s) being used.

Though they tend to be built from wood, brick lofts do exist. That being said, the vast majority of garden pigeon lofts across Europe seem to be single storey wooden structures that are built to be aesthetically pleasing as well as highly functional.

Ultimately, as long as your loft meets the needs of your pigeons and is suitable for your climate, the style of your loft in terms of aesthetics doesn’t really matter.