"Training 101"

Training begins in the loft. Once homing pigeons are purchased, keep them in the enclosed building for about four weeks before letting them fly. This will help solidify the new loft as home. Next, open the loft door every day and let the birds take wing. They will most likely fly circles overhead as if getting their bearings, staying within a quarter mile and return to the loft often. After another four weeks, the new owners can begin the process of releasing homing pigeons farther and farther from home. Begin by releasing them within sight of their loft. Then, one mile away, followed by five miles, and so on until the desired distance is reached. The same method can be done in all directions from the coop. This progressive training allows the homing pigeons to not only get their bearings but to build up their endurance.

While common pigeons – the kind that perch on top of statues in the town square – are often considered a nuisance, homing pigeons offer traits that set them apart. Generations have marveled at the mysterious way they return home, and the birds will continue to awe and inspire with their instinctive gift.