The Owl

The variety of the pigeon known as the Owl is of early origin and may have been brought to Europe from India or China.  It is a small, short-faced bird with higharched head, brilliant eyes, and a stubby beak that looks like a barnyard Owl.  The Owl is frill necked with wide chest but with rather limited wing formation.  The wing butts of the Owl blend into the feathers of the crop, in contrast to the Carrier, Horseman, and Dragoon.  The Owl pigeon is very alert and quick of perception, and no doubt contributed to the keen intelligence of the modern Homer.

Ancestral characteristics of modern Homing Pigeons can be recoginized by carefully observing the face, shape, character and habits of the bird and it can thus be classified in its strongest ancestral origin.  The successful selection of mates are those which will breed young further into the blend of the original variieties and the unsuccessful selection of birds for mates are those which breed out in any one direction toward any one ancestor.

As an example of the above we might take birds of distinct Owl characteristics that are short fast fliers but not good on long distances.  By breeding them with birds of Carrier and Cumulet characteristics the off-spring may be assumed to be better balanced blend than either 

There are, of course, exceptions to the rule , and in some instances several generations of breeding are necessary to obtain marked results.  However, the scientific breeder working along the above lines with tenacity and perserverance will steadily improve his accomplishments and ultimately become a breeder of champions.