Racing Homer Pigeon

The Racing Homer pigeon is a breed of domestic pigeon. It is one of the newest and a very popular breed.

The breed has been selectively bred for more speed and enhanced homing instinct for the sport of pigeon racing.

It was first developed in Belgium and England in the 19th century. It is the result of crossing of a number of other pigeon breeds.

Mainly the Dragoon, English Carrier, French Cumulet, Horseman, and Smerle breeds were used for developing this breed. Among these breeds, the Horseman pigeon breed is now lost.

The Racing Homer pigeon received it’s ability to find it’s way home from great distance from the Carrier. And it received it’s endurance and it’s ability to fly for hours on end without tiring from the high-flying Cumulet.

Currently the breed is mainly used for flying purpose. It is highly available in it’s native area. And today the breed is also available in some other parts of the world.