Long Distance Pigeon

When once asked what were the requirements for success in long distance and marathon racing.  Paul Sion replied-strain and constitution.   A reply which was in the form of an article in which the author took, as an example, there were horses good in soft and other horses good  in hard conditions, opining that there were pigeons or strains good in clear, weather conditions and others good in tough cloudy conditions.  The latter strains being the best of the ultra distances.

Thus according to Sion only those birds whose forebears distinguished themselves in difficult races were in turn capable of doing the same.  Whatever is ones response to Sion's position in this article, there is one notable fact and that is-he was not an advocate of inbreeding.  Like his master Salembier, Sion participated in out crossing, which was based upon much thought and research into the pedigree and the background of the potential cross, the fruit of which was a strain that was almost identical in appearance.  Apparently this great pioneer had perfected his out crossing approach to the level of a science.