How to Check Pigeon Eggs Fertility?

While pigeons can lay eggs without mating, it is important to check egg fertility for breeding. Once the pigeon has dropped all the eggs, write down the date. After 5 or 6 days, you can check the eggs if they are fertile or not. If you have had a successful pair, the eggs will be likely fertile otherwise it may be infertile. But the eggs can also be infertile if the pigeon hadn’t pair despite you had put them inside a cage.

Start with taking one of the eggs carefully in the dark. If the nest is bright, you may need to take it to the dark a little bit. Its better to do it in the day as in the night, the mother will be sitting on the eggs and might end up fighting and biting you. Then take out your phone and turn on the flashlight. Take the flashlight from the back of the egg or you can put the flashlight and the egg on it. You can check it there within the nest or on another place.

If the egg was fertile, you will see red zig-zag lines like the root of the tree inside the egg. But if the egg was not fertile, you will see the egg with a simple dark yellow inside it without red lines or something like roots. See the shot.

With this method, you will come to know if the egg is fertile or not. And you should only do this after a few days of the eggs laid. You can do it later than that but not sooner because the egg won’t have the signs and you will think it is infertile. If you check after 6 days of the eggs laid, you will find the fertility but it will be late and if the egg was not fertile, you will lose some time and it may also disturb the mother if you do it late because she will become more protective.

As a result, if the eggs were fertile, it’s fine, just put it in the nest and let the mother incubate. Otherwise, if one or both of the eggs were infertile, then, unfortunately, they won’t hatch so you would need to remove the eggs from the nest. Because if you do not remove the eggs, the mother will keep incubating the eggs regardless of the eggs are fertile or not. If the eggs were not fertile, it won’t hatch and so you will lose so much time.

And if the egg(s) were infertile and you remove them soon after 5 or 6 days, the pigeon will incubate the only fertile egg that will hatch. But if both the eggs were infertile, remove both of them. You can even eat them, it’s delicious. That way, soon the pair will be getting ready for another round of breeding and will soon lay eggs, actually sooner than the first time.

The fertility checkup finds out if there’s a pigeon inside the egg or not but there’s no way for finding out the baby pigeon’s sex, like humans do. There’s no technology or way to know the sex of the pigeon inside the egg. Not even experienced people could give you the accurate answer but usually, out of two eggs, one is male and one is female but that isn’t always like that.