Gurnay USA Club

EDITOR’S RAMBLING: This past month, since the last issue, I have still not heard a peep from most of you. Surely, by now, you have your birds paired up and are thinking of how to win the 2022 Gurnay USA Futurity. If you are not, then you should be!! I am sending this issue out thin and early, just to get the information out to all of you!! GET YOUR BANDS!! RENEW YOUR MEMEBERSHIP!! RESERVE YOUR SPOT IN THE LOFT!!

For those of you who might care, you need to be proactive and helpful. Alan Dyar is moving this club forward – ALONE – and on his own shoulders, as he handles another house move, trying to get lofts built, and settle his race team. PLUS act as the President – Secretary – Treasurer – Show Judge for this Club. He can’t spend his little free time reaching out to YOU – YOU need to reach out to HIM. Get your birds ready – I am out for revenge!