From The Moist Atmosphere Of Our President!!

 Team Gurnay – I continue to knock together additional lofts so I can get back to what I consider my “normal.” You all are aware that I was NOT able to save all my birds when the fires swept through the old homestead in Happy Camp, but I grabbed enough of the key birds to keep my different families going. But this is why, for the few who have asked, why I am not in a position to provide YB’s this year. Give me a year to get things back and running, and I’ll be able to help out. A lot of this is a repeat from last month, with the exception of the Futurity information. 

GURNAY bands. I have AU and IF bands. They are .75 cents a band, and it will be first come, first served. 2022 

GURNAY USA CLUB dues. $20.00 a year.

 We are going to re-affiliate formally with the AU. I would like some input on whether we continue affiliation with the IF (due to the low number of flyers actually competing in IF clubs). The current AU GURNAY bands are my personal bands, but I want these going back to being a club band.

 2022 GURNAY USA FUTURITY. In order to move this ahead, the GURNAY USA Club had taken Donnie up on his gracious offer to host again. As I mentioned last issue, the Editor has offered to host next years Futurity in Texas – so, we’ll have a couple of upstate NY races and then move the birds down to the hot, relatively flatter landscape of the east Texas piney woods in 2023. This will be a good chance to put the birds under a little different kind of stress. I’ll probably pick it up in 2024 – but you better be breeding a few with webbed feet…this place is WET, WET, WET!! Any questions – call me – 530 598.6245. 

RACING PIGEON DIGEST. I am sending in an article to help generate some interest – and hopefully new members. Would really like something from some of you that I can incorporate into future articles. As I said before, if you are flying your Gurnay with your club, I want to to hear about it. I don’t care if they’re topping the winner’s list – the fact that we have Gurnay actively competing is worth sharing. If you know someone who might be interested in joining this club – and getting involved with the Gurnay – please let me know, share this Newsletter, and welcome them to join. The price is small – the rewards are great. 

Alan & Carol Dyar 

504 Karen Court SE 

Rainier, WA 98576 530 598-6245 

AU or IF Bands - .75 cents apiece. Please include an extra $1.00 for mailing.