Feral Pigeon

This is a brief history of the feral pigeon.  From their role in Ancient Egypt as sources of fertilizer to their numerous contributions as news or wartime messengers, pigeons have built vital relationships with humans over centuries.

And they still do, even in cities where they have a bad reputation.  They are many portraits of pigeon devotees in New York City, from pigeon fanciers who keep flocks on their roofs or even in their apartment.  Perhaps more of us in this concrete jungle, too, can begin to appreciate the wonders of these flying creatures, and even identify with them on some level.  Journalist Emily Rueb, in her book's introduction, reasons that the pigeon should be the city's official bird.  "Like many New Yorkers," she writes, "they are immigrants that have survived in the face of adversity; they solider on, in spite of missing toes and rumpled wings."