"Col. Osman"

The late Col. A. H. Osman, together with Captain Quibell and Dr. Buckley visited the principal lofts in Belgium and France.  Col. Osman wrote an interesting account of this trip in the 1926 edition of "Squill's Diary."

They visited the loft of Mons. Paul Sion.  Tourcoing, France, and so impressive and interesting was this vist that said "Mons. Sion had the BEST COLLECTION OF PIGEONS IN THE WHOLE OF BELGIUM OR FRANCE."

In the fall of 1930, Mr. W. H. Osman visited Paul Sion's Loft and here is what he says:

"We had arranged to visit the late Col. Osman had described in 1925 as the finest collection of pigeons he had ever seen under one roof, that of Paul Sion of Tourcoing, France.  Upon seeing the birds we literally gasped with admiration.  We were compelled to agree the Col. Osman's verdict was not an overstatement.  These Sions were all of A TYPE, A DYNASTY, A FAMILY, NO VARIATION.  The strain was founded on the race of Wegge of Lierre.  We handled many pigeons here and as I told Mons. Sion, I had not enough French and scarcely enough English to express my admiration.