Alan Dyar, President

Gurnay USA Club

********** ACTION NEEDED **********

The sport of racing pigeons is one that has the highest zenith and the lowest nadir, it seems.  When things are going great – we’re all happy; when things take a turn for the “less great,” then we wring our hands, a bit.  This is a tale of “less great!”  

Donnie and Pam Zehr of Clayhaven Farms, way up in the state of New York, have been getting the birds ready for the race.  Numerous tosses at ever increasing distances have been completed – and the entire team was/is looking great. 

A week past, during a short hop for the local Club/Combine birds, our Gurnay went along for that last, slightly longer flight to sharpen things up before our big day.  Unfortunately for the 2021 GURNAY USA Futurity – as well as the Club and Combine members who were flying, it turned out to be a SMASH.

After waiting a few days, the Zehr’s have forwarded the list of the birds that made it back:

5 Alan Dyer

23 Jay Sullivan

24 Jay Sullivan

26 Jay Sullivan

76 David Meyers

77 David Meyers

100 Jay Hetrick

101 Larry Cook

102 Larry Cook

I am still of the opinion, that even 9 birds make a race after all the hard work put in getting them ready, and unless Jay or David Or Jay H. or Larry, come back and say “No – I want my bird back, and not raced,” the race from Erie, PA is on.

Because of the small field, I am going to thank our $$ sponsors – David and Donnie – that the prize for 1st BB and 1st Red, be suspended for this year.

Please get back to me – email or phone - NO LATER THAN 9:00 PM TOMORROW, 30 SEPTEMBER if you do NOT want your pigeon raced.

Thank you!


(530) 598 6245