Dove Releases Funerals

At the end of the graveside service or outside the memorial service, there are few things more powerful than the release of white doves. The birds are actually pure white racing pigeons and they return to our home in Hacienda Heights upon release. During a Christian funeral service, we can refer to Jesus preparing a home for us and as the white doves return to their home, so our souls return to the home the Lord has prepared for us. We also have other beautiful symbolic readings that might better fit your situation. First we hand one white dove to a close friend or relative to release representing the one we have come to honor and then the other doves are released to follow that one home.

We understand the hurried planning of funerals. Your call is never too late. Call today to line up a dove release for the funeral in memory of your loved one. If you have any questions about our doves for a funeral or memorial, please feel free to contact us today!