2024 – is this the end of the GURNAY USA CLUB? May it rest in peace.

EDITOR’S RAMBLING: This is my observed opinion only. Maybe not officially, but in all practicality, this club is D E A D. Since I joined back in 2007 or 2008, we have had perhaps one year where new membership exceeded members quitting or passing away. For the past 6 years, at least, the level of interest has simply collapsed. We do have a few folks breeding Gurnay, and 3 or 4 who will send birds to a One Loft Futurity, but that’s it. It is time some new faces stood up and took over some of the club responsibilities. We have not had a Vice President or separate Secretary/Treasurer in years. I’ve done the Newsletter since Hal Conn passed it on to me. If you’re going to prove me wrong about this club being dead, then now is your time to man up. We need to have an election of Officers, to include Newsletter Editor, and this is the opportunity to pitch in. Send in your name to Alan so he can put together our ballot.